Woodstock Zen

I like walking into a space that has a soothing effect on my senses. Everything in this home is in the right place and there’s lots of white space, natural sunlight and art – the perfect place to unwind and gather yourself. This is the home of Mike Leslie from And People, a youth culture guru who has his ear to the ground on all things ‘now’ and Shanti O’ Hagan one of Cape Town’s top hair stylists at Mop Hair, yes that Shanti. Sharing this beautiful space is their 9 month old daughter India Rain and big-boy-fur-baby Edward.

Q: What made you fall in love this house?

A: Shanti and I have always loved Salisbury Street with its semi-detached Victorians and local cafes within walking distance. So we loved the area but then the house also had really nice ‘bones’ to work with – subtle Victorian details, high ceilings, original wooden floors – all of the stuff we love that we felt we could create a great space around. 

Q: Did you have a clear vision before you started renovating, or did it progress as you went along, and did you have an architect or did you do it yourselves? 

A: We knew what we wanted from the house – but we didn’t have a clear vision of how to do it until we started working with the guys from Urbain McGhee. They’re friends and i think they really understood what we wanted to do so they were able to take our brief and give us a plan that was way better than what we could have imagined.

Q: What is your biggest reno regret (if any) or what would you do differently knowing what you know now?

So, many, many learnings along the way 🙂 As first-time renovators though they were pretty much all to do with the building process and how to get the most out of the build – which we probably failed at miserably! That said, we were really happy with all the design decisions and finishes we chose, so in the end, once it was over, we were impressed with the final result. 

Q: Who did your kitchen and specifically kitchen floor (i love it!)

Thanks! Yeah, we love it too. It was a recommendation from Urbain McGhee and I’m really glad we went with it. It was done by Bespoke Flooring 


Art by Gaia, Anton Kannemeyer, Dale Lawrence, Ben Eagle, Lorraine Loots, Jaz, Adam Hill and Lenny. 

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