Visits: The Nice Company

Chatting with Cherylle she tells me some interesting stories about how her chocolates got wrapped in Helmut Starcke art…but says many times ‘don’t quote me’. So sorry, dear reader, but those facts will go with me to my grave.

She lives in converted horse stables in Tokai – a spacious light-filled interesting space…corners filled with heirlooms, art, and her beautiful prize-winning dogs Patrys and Fisant. Oh and this woman has heaps of style and warmth…imagine Grace Coddington’s elegance combined with the quirk of Yayoi Kusama. A potent combination. And she also makes some mean rosemary biscuits.

You can find Nice ice-cream and chocolates at The Blue Cafe, Giovanni’s, and Melissa’s

Photography: Cindy Taylor

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