Visits: Peter Eastman

It helps to have an artist in the family, especially when you have to choose paint colours for your house… or those times when you need an exquisite water colour of a barn owl.

Something I’ve always envied about Pete is that he never went through the teenage angst of “what am i going to do with my life” because he always knew that art was the only thing he ever wanted to do. And that kind of certainty is rare in life. I also admire that he is unique in the way that few people are – not only because he does the things he loves but because he draws inspiration from ordinary landscapes and faces and lets you in on angles that you otherwise would have missed.

Apart from painting he also makes beautiful rings, is a great dad to Jemima Lily and cats Gizmo and Rainbow Princess and partner to his other creative half – Kirsty Bannerman.

You can view his work at Smac and his website or book a visit to his studio. His new show opens at Smac on 4 July.

Words & Styling: Monya Eastman | Photos: Miss Moss



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