I’m a tough crowd when it come to a good book, and when I find one I have to share – spent all of Sunday glued to The Hare with Amber Eyes. It’s a biography that  is mostly about trying to discover who people are by the objects they own. It’s something I have always done – tried to figure out who people are by what they own and love. It’s also about family heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next, and I guess it explains my obsession with old things – they have so many stories to tell. Without saying too much, the author inherits a set of Netsuke, which are tiny hand carved Japanese sculptures and tells the fascinating story of the people they belonged to and their travels around the world. So imagine my surprise when I tell my mother in law about the book and she shows me a set of her own – passed down from her grandmother who grew up on a silk farm in Japan in the late 1800’s

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