2012 ended on a few good notes – babies being born, pop up shops popping, friends tying knots…and then we finished it off with our annual Xmas trip to Knysna. Now if you know me, you will know that Knysna/Plett are two places that have a very special place in my heart. Even though I am a “volbloed” Freestate girl, I have spent many happy holidays in this part of the world, and it’s also the meeting place of our families (mine and Jeremy’s) so it’s mostly filled with sunshine, sea water, braai’s, swims, hikes and all the things that make holidays flippen lekker. I have blogged about some of my fave Knysna/Plett spots here, so herewith the Summer edition: The Knysna Book Exchange is my first stop for some beach reading material…

Then I head to the Red Cross Charity and Hospice shops – they have a great range of vintage clothes, books and antiques

The Naturesway Farm Stall en route to Natures Valley will make your city slicking taste buds sing. The cheese is made directly from milk produced by their very own Jersey cows frolicking in the fields. Stock up on insane gorgonzola, sourdough, prosciutto,  bread & butter pickle and you’re all set for a picnic.

Then head to Nature’s Valley with your loot to go on hike. My favourite is Nature’s Valley beach to Salt River

Another heart shaped rock to add to my growing collection

On another day, head to Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay. If I was a poet I would write a poem about this beach. But I’m not, so just believe me when I tell you that you will have the most epic swims of your life in these waters.

And on a final note, there’s no place like home or my mom’s cooking/feeding. We get woken up with a cup of coffee and a rusk in bed, which is merely an appetizer for the real breakfast to follow…the kind that says F You to the Atkins diet. I’m talking bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, toast and some fresh stuff thrown in for good measure. They even feed the birds.


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