Sue & Brad’s Greenpoint home

My Greenpoint neighbour Sue is one of those people that I’ve always admired for her calm presence, easy sense of style and mad design skills. When we recently used her lounge and bedroom as location for the Lisbett & Lucky shoot I thought it was about time that I showcased the home of gorgeousness that she shares with husband Brad and beloved dog Khay. What I love most about this home is the effortless blend of vintage finds, art and family heirlooms that she puts together so artfully. I asked Sue to tell us more about the lovely pieces in each pic, so over to Sue:

The photograph of  Sea Point Pool on a sombre day was shot by Michael Meyersfeld. What a brilliant photographer – I’ve worked with him on many campaigns during my years in advertising:

The Little Girl with her Dog is a R10 find from Milnerton Market, I love her so much that she now features on my business cards! The wooden sign is from a holiday in Mozambique – a guy was removing it from his shop and throwing it out, I am obsessed with handwritten typography – I had to have it – he gave it to me as a gift, I gave him my sarong I was wearing at the time. Still love it. The guitar is Brad’s.

This chair belonged to my grandparents, it was recently re-upholstered with fabric from Silk & Cotton Co and the funny thing is that we discovered that the chair had been fixed previously with vinyl car seat covers (which looked like old VW Beetle seats!). The water colours are by Gabbi Raff.

This is Khay: our beloved who turned 9 on the 9th of September!  She was found on the N2 just near Khayalitsha 9 years ago (hence her name given to her by my niece, Isabella). She was tiny, the size of a small loaf of bread, full of mange and fleas and totally dehydrated, but she miraculously survived and is now a huge part of our lives. She is an astonishingly well-loved pet, who pretty much knows she lives in this space.

The ink drawings are by Lisa Brice and the oil painting is by an unknown artist, given to me by my friend Tanya – she knows how much I love a good ol’ landscape.

This is our wall of inspiration! The paintings, drawings, photographs are all works done by family and friends – there is so much love on this wall. The photograph is of my parents, Dave and Joy and our families. Artists like Sue Williamson (I was Sue’s assistant for 2 years – it was my first job in the real world) My best friend Lisa Brice, my dad, Dave Stewart, my sister Ashley Probert, my funny friend Harry de Zitter, artist Dulcie Trop and sculpture by Donavan Ward, a precious gift from my clever art dealer cousin Paul McCabe. Ralf Bachuster shot the pic of Brad surfing – Brad’s true religion is surfing and kite surfing, and loads of memories sit on this wall : Ad awards too!

In the kitchen: We finally got rid of our formica tops! What took us so long I have no idea. Genius carpenter, Colin Rock (an old friend of Brad’s) made our oak tops. This is a chopping board that he designed next to the stove – he did it using tiny blocks of oak glued together and then cut to fit the space. It’s a beauty!

These are wedding gifts from Gorgina Franks and Lisa Brice (the little Russian doll is actually a stack of measuring cups – very clever design!)

Ahhh the very well-used kitchen table, this has seen many a kitchen dinner for 2 or 4 or 6 people.
The plants thanks to you (Monya) when you came over to shoot! Still alive and being promised a place in the outside courtyard garden.

Painting by Lisa Brice – I fell in love with this painting at her show at the Goodman Gallery Cape Town – just had to buy it!

Brad had just proposed to me at Babylonstoren in Franschhoek (our special place). The next day we went to lunch at La Motte – they set up a section for kids to paint on these tiny easels. Brad challenged me to paint how I was feeling. There was a whole lot of love going on, so I painted the feeling of getting engaged. We then used the image on the right as our wedding invite 6 months later. Sigh!

My wall of Lisa Brice’s – my genius friend who works from her studio in London. We have known each other and have been the best of friends from when we were 6 years old. The portrait of me was done by Lisa for my 21st birthday.

I fell in love with this brass Springbok at the Milnerton Market, my friend Lisa decided to buy it for me as a ‘thank you’ for staying with us. My dad played rugby for South Africa in the 60’s – so it always reminds me of him.

These old school lockers were found at the Community Chest Carnival when I first moved out of home, a real steal at R25 each. They have been painted 3 times to fit in with whichever room they are needed in. They now act as my shoe storage.
The beautiful mugs were recently given to Brad as a birthday gift from my good friend Carol Arnell in London (the illustrations are done by: Rory Dobner)

The piece above the bed is called “Life” – given to me by Lisa Brice when I helped her with her show years and years ago – she experimented with different tones of white on white, so this was the piece that was the most layered in white paint. It is slowly peeling away – which I absolutely love – It’s the piece that is aging with us. As we now know, life is not always perfect. The headboard was also made by Lisa Brice (just beautifully made, the dots are copies of love-heart sweets so it says things like “You and I”, “Sweet Kiss”, “Heart Throb”, “Prefer me”)
And – our new linen from Weylandts – heaven on earth!

The balcony gets used everyday, it’s where we get to look at the sea, the lighthouse and get a good feeling to start our day.

Monya: I had to share this pic, I found it in Sue’s (Susan) “activity box” and when I took it out to shoot it, the thread was running down at exactly the point where the print began…no styling involved at all!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful home Susan, very cool of you!

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