Projects: Lounge makeover

The lounge, like the kitchen is the heart of the home and if its not the kind of place where you want to put your feet up and spend a Saturday afternoon, then you’ve got problems. But don’t fear, Stokperd and Weylandts will give you all the tips and tricks you need to take your lounge from drab to fab in a 7 easy steps.

Photography by Cindy Taylor

This lounge looks pretty tragic….

STEP 1: STRIP! Start to eliminate items that are uninspiring until you are left with the bare essentials (we lost the yellow lamp, suitcases and bunny artwork). The sofa is in good condition and an animal skin is always a winner, so we can work with that.

STEP 2: A signature lamp sheds good light and acts as a focal point in the room. Weylandts has a fantastic range of lighting, and we settled on the reader floor lamp in brass which is a real ‘piece’. A good throw can cover up any multitude of sins and is an inexpensive way to revive your sofa. Below is the hand knit cable throw.

STEP 3: My favourite secret weapon – cushions! Not only are these super comfy but add colour and texture to  your sofa. Make sure you stick within a colour palette, but choose interesting patterns and surface textures.

STEP 4: Green it up. Plants are always my go-to solution for brightening up any room. The colour and feel-good factor is hard to beat, plus you’re adding fresh oxygen to your space. Visit Stodels for a good selection of indoor plants. 

STEP 5: Side tables or stools are handy for so many things – your wine glass, book, ipad, magazine, remote control…you get the idea, perfect side kicks for maxing and relaxing. We also added a round braided hemp rug to add texture to the floor…and layering rugs is a ‘thing’ now…so you might as well.

STEP 6: Decorate the wall. We added Mr White Rhino (cos you ain’t going to see him in the wild) and gorgeous copper geometric candle holders. And another plant to balance out the room.

STEP 7: Transformation complete!

STEP 8: High five yourself for a job well done : )

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