Projects: How to revive old furniture

I’ve used the word ‘revive’ very tentatively, because in this instance it was more like a severe resuscitation. I found my dream office chair at the side of the road, it belonged to a car guard and the seat was so badly damaged that he covered it with a piece of cardboard to sit comfortably! When I offered to buy it from him he looked at me as if I was high…and of course I was, seeing the potential that this beauty had made my heart go roola boola. After our R300 transaction I made a call to Stefan Frylinck at Space for Life and started plotting the make-over.

I’m sure you have an old chair or sofa that is just begging for a face lift, and the process is SO much more gratifying than simply buying a new one.

To help you on your creative journey – all Stokperd readers will get a 10% discount from Stefan Frylinck on a renovation project, and one lucky reader will win a free upholstery make-over and feature on the blog. Just go and like his instagram account here @stefanfrylinck

His details and cell 081 741 2721. All photography by Cindy Taylor.

The chair was completely taken apart and the wooden frame sanded down to its original beauty.


We decided to replace the maroon pleather with soft oyster coloured leather.

Great places to shop for new fabric:

Skinny Laminx

Design Team

Woodheads (for leather)




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