Pillow talk

Right now I have the heater cranked up in the office…it’s 3 weeks until September and I’m freezing my *ss off. If you’re in Cape Town, I just saw a 12 degree max with snow predicted for Wednesday, and if you’re in the northern hemisphere you know you have to revisit your hibernation strategy soon. I invested in some good linen this winter to take the edge off the fact that I’m generally sleep deprived (small toddler) and I must say it’s made quite a difference to the amount of broken sleep I do get.

The starting point for a good night’s sleep is this –  you need an EXCELLENT mattress. Don’t be shy to spend money here, if you buy a good mattress you won’t have to buy another one for a very long time and your back will thank you. Secondly, 100% cotton sheets and duvet covers are crucial. Go for the highest thread count you can afford. I generally go for white when buying the basics, and then layer with colour and texture, but there are no rules. The bedroom is your HQ and needs to reflect your personal style.

Once you have those basics in place, you can start to LAYER. This is part is the most fun. Add some colour and texture to your beautiful white canvas. Country Road is my go-to for linen locally, I find their quality is excellent and the hand-feel is just luxury on an aaaaaah level.

I got the pillow covers below from Country Road, they’re super soft and comfortable and are reversible so double whammy. Plus they had me at packaging. The styles below are Rhye and Paxe

You can also go the route of adding scatter cushions to your bed – I don’t because I find they just get in the way. But if it’s your thing I found beautiful velvet options from Haus by Hertex and also like their Kyoto range.

The throw on my bed is from Stokperd and you can buy it here. I know I’m biased about our product, but this ‘piece’ that was hand made by Turner Studio is one of the new favourite items in my household. It’s not only soft and warm, but the weight of it just makes me feel like I really am in ‘the North’ when watching Game of Thrones in front of the fireplace.

The black and white throw on my bed is also from Country Road and you buy it here. Below are some more chunky beautiful options from Weylandts:

The other benefit of a good throw is that you can use it for so many other things…like drape it over a sofa that has damaged upholstery (read: cat or dog scratches) or tomato sauce stains…the list goes on and on. Or drape it over your favourite reading chair for warmth and comfort.

Moving on to your sidetables now…make sure they are FREE of clutter. You want a bedside table that contains the essentials for a good night’s sleep or just relaxing. For me these things are a good book and a delicious candle. I like the locally made Amanda Jayne candles below and also I also the Soy Lites range from Faithful to Nature. 

And good reading to make your lair even more comfortable is this little gem by Meik Wiking.

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