Makeover series – Part 1 Bathroom

We renovated our home 3 years ago but at the moment it feels more like 10 years. Having a little person in the house means that white walls don’t stay white, the coffee tables become works of ‘art’  and there’s a lot of extra paraphernalia (toy boxes, high chairs, prams etc) that you have to accommodate. Apart from Elle leaving her mark on our space, I’ve become tired of seeing the same old walls and decided it’s time for a do-over. In collaboration with the lovely team at Builders I’m excited to share my makeovers and inspiration with you room-by-room, starting with the en suite bathroom in our main bedroom.

BATHROOM BEFORE – pics by Cindy Taylor

The bathroom was painted in a very deep charcoal-y black called Aniseed, which is still one of my favourite colours, but I was ready for radical change.

During the renovation we installed the arch window below and 2 porthole windows, so this space gets a lot of light and I wasn’t scared of going with black.

BATHROOM AFTER – pics by Diana Moss

The colour is Caribbean Current from Plascon, and like a tidal wave it really does change colour quite a lot during the day! In the morning it’s a darker classy green, and then changes to crazy-ish teal as the day brightens up (kinda like my mood, not a morning person).

The space is instantly transformed by this colour, from deep dark and serious to light and fun. It makes me feel like I’m holiday every time I walk in here : ) The vanity is a custom Stokperd piece made of kiaat and marble.

Ceramics below from Ash Ceramics. The woven laundry basket is from Miss Moss. The ferns and delicious monsters are from Builders.

I’m a sucker for beautifully packaged and delicious-smelling hand soap. It’s strangely hard to find in Cape Town, but Victorian Bathrooms and Loading Bay stock a good range.

I was driving past some guys shearing these big yellow fronds off palm trees along the highway…so I pulled over and put these 2 beauties in my boot – I’ve always been a fearless forager and keep a set of secateurs in my car! The yellow fruit must be dates, and it really ties the room together. I bought the shower curtain at H&M when it was on sale for R50. It works perfectly with the new green walls. Check out some of their other options here.

Toilet – I was keen on doing something different in this often neglected space. The frames are all from builders – scroll down for full step by step. The little floating shelf as well. You can still see Elle’s “drawings” on the white wall, haven’t gotten round to giving that a fresh coat of white paint.


CHOOSING PAINT COLOUR: This bit is really tricky. I went with Carribean Current because I had seen it before in a room that we shot for the blog, see here. BUT colour can vary greatly, depending on how much light your room gets and the surface of your wall, so my advise is to choose carefully upfront. Even painting a swatch on the wall doesn’t always give you the big picture, so if you’re going with a bold statement colour, be brave! We had to repaint our bathroom because the first paint we got was a satin finish (which is better for bathrooms) but the sheen was dizzying. The matt finish worked much better in the end.

ART WALL: I’m really into art walls these days, especially in unexpected places, like a toilet! These frames are cheap as chips from Builders, I got a selection of 3 x medium, one large and 2 small ones. You can buy them all online. Then I printed some pics off Pinterest, see similar here.

Lay out the frames on a sheet of clear paper, and trace the outlines. Then cut them out and tape to the wall. Play around until you get the layout you like best, and then you can drill or stick them to the wall. I used double sided tape as these frames are quite light, see here. Just make sure you use a spirit level, as you can see my pics are not 100% straight.

Tadaaaa….The wall mounted shelf is from Builders, you can buy online here. The plant and pot are my own, though Builder’s have a big range too.

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