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I am a self confessed closet ‘flower arranger’ so when I meet someone who actually knows what they’re doing I get all girl-crushy. Bee Soboil is one such talented crush-worthy-person. She spent years in the advertising industry dreaming of a life filled with flowers, and lucky for all of us she left that world behind and followed her dream. She now spends her time teaching Ikebana classes, which is the Japanese art of flower arranging that is so beautiful it breaks your heart. Instead of putting wild bunches together is more restrained and minimal in it’s approach, focussing on the simple beauty of each individual piece making up the whole. But not all her work is about minimalism, like the Enchanted Forest she created for La Colombe, which is all over-the-top food theatre. And also the big welcoming flower canopies at the 24 hour festival Little Gig, where she will be putting together more amazingness for this weekend’s extravaganza.

What I love most about Bee Soboil’s beautiful home is the little curated corners of flowers and special finds that make you stop and appreciate the calming beauty. Have a look at the rest of her work here, she also does flower drops (I’ve done these for friends and they are amazing) she’ll come to your home and help you pick greens and golds from your own garden as well as corporate workshops, where even teams of engineers and accountants can flex their green fingers. Bee shares her beautiful home with her husband, three boys and two hounds Jock and Rosie and kitty Jess.

Photography by Miss Moss

We start the tour in an outside room that Bee has reclaimed into the house. It is a plant and light filled fairy tale. A large comfy sofa and armchairs and plush cushions that will make you want to put up your feet and read here all day.

The lounge and dining room have beautiful wooden cabinets that are stacked full of Africana books that Bee inherited from her great-grandfather.

The Trolley Dolly below is from Stokperd.

Below is an example of an Ikebana arrangement done by Bee.

The kitchen table is the heart of this home, and a flower crown project of Bee’s takes centre stage. The quote on the dark wall reads “rivers know this; there is no hurry, we will get there someday…”

Jessie the cat in her favourite spot in the home office.

Follow me upstairs and take a look into the artful bedrooms, where the boys seem to have their mom’s knack for curating beautiful corners.

Even the guest loo is a celebration of flowers.

The recently renovated outdoor area below, with a custom outdoor Iroko table and woven chairs and bench by Stokperd.



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