You know those friends who invite 10+ people to dinner and entertain without ever breaking a sweat and then make you think to yourself “this is so easy, I’m going to try it” but you know, you KNOW that you’ll never be able to pull it off as effortlessly? Well Kirsty and Paul (aka Chief) are exactly those people.  Here is an example of one such night, and although the rest of their Greenpoint home is absolutely gorgeous, all pics were taken in the kitchen as this is where the awesomeness happens (and basically where I stuffed my face).

Clever tips I learnt from these two: Sit down dinners are last season, display food in beautiful big bowls on the kitchen table and stack “take-away” style chinese boxes and wooden utensils close by and let everyone help themselves. Check out Mister Packaging or Merrypak for similar.

We even got some beautifully packaged left overs to take home:

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