House Hunting

So Jeremy and I have taken the leap and sold our sweet Greenpoint home, eeeeek. It’s been quite an emotional sale on our part, but along with mixed feelings of saying goodbye we are also excited about finding our new dream house…which has been an interesting experience to say the least. While browsing CT property websites we’ve seen some shocking pics, nice looking homes but with junk piled up in boxes, kitchen sinks overflowing with dishes, bedrooms strewn with clothes. You’d think sellers would at least tidy up to some degree before shooting their homes for advertising purposes. And that’s why I find Alhvem real estate in Stockholm (which I’ve shared with you before) and also Fantastic Frank so refreshing. Beautifully styled homes, clean white walls, clutter-free surfaces and not a travertine tile in sight! Pity we don’t want to live in Stockholm though…

Fantastic Frank – Frejgattan


Alvhem: Nordenskiöldsgatan


Andra 7D, Linnéstaden



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