Gretmol Office Refurb

A couple of things I like when starting a new project – nice clients, a beautiful canvas with immaculate parquet flooring and lots of natural light, being called a ‘detail fucker’ in Danish and a question like ‘can a cat push over a vase on this shelf?’. Sometimes you get one of the above, and when you’re really lucky you get all of these boxes ticked in one go.

In their own words Gretmol is an ‘online brand incubator with an intense focus on e-commerce (imagine one half product development lab and one half marketing dojo)’. In my words they are a group of awesome people that get to take their dogs to work everyday. And on that note, the name of the company is a combination of the owner’s dogs, Grettel and Molly, two rescue pups that  have the best life of any fur-baby I’ve met in Cape Town.

Photography by Diana Moss

Their brief to us was simple enough “We want a relaxed atmosphere but optimised for working hard. We expect people to sometimes come in early or leave late, not because they have to but because they want to and are excited about the progress we are making. We like to have a work-family where mistakes are allowed, where we all respect each other and are willing to learn from each other.”

Kitchen before and after – the existing parquet was in excellent condition and needed no work from us. The kitchen is a combination of simple black cupboards and fittings with a white corian top.  We replaced the harsh overhead lighting with classic black pendants.

We created the Babylon shelves below to create a ‘curtain of green’ to separate the chill area from the main working area. Owner Stuart Bishop has a real penchant for good French wine and the shelves are good for storing those too! The Sofas and hat rack are from Basis Furniture. The pothos plants were planted by Jo from Flourish Plant studio.

Excuse the wires below! Pics were taken while they were being installed : )

An illustration below of the CEO and VP : ))

Workspace before and after: We used the same black pendants throughout the work space and added lots of greenery. The Arkanoid shelves created a good focus wall and the rugs from Hertex add warmth and absorb noise.

Plants and planters below were sourced from Stodels, Folha , Starke Ayres and Plantify

The space only required two partitions – for a boardroom and Stuart’s office. The pool table gets a lot of use to relax and wind down.

The boardroom table is a custom Twiggy in oak and the velvet chairs were sourced from Chair Crazy (super comfortable!)

Molly below…

And Grettel : )

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