So you know about my inner-plaas meisie and that I’m a little bit obsessed with growing things…so I thought I would share some of my tips on greening up your Summer garden. Our home is covered in glass jars with  seedlings and offcuts in various stages of growth. Below is a pic of the shoots & leaves around the kitchen sink:

If you stick  a sprig of rosemary in a shallow glass of water it will soon sprout roots and then you can re-plant it, it’s one of the easiest herbs to grow and is awesome for cooking. I’ll wait and see what happens to the onion…

I blogged about succulents here, they really are indestructible and dead easy to grow. I stick off-cuts into a little bit of water and once they’ve sprouted roots they can be re-planted into pots, but mine have lived very happily in just a little bit of water, but it’s also because I like to think I have the magic touch (keep them out of direct sunlight though, and change the water once a week).

I bought these tillandsia’s in Knysna at the Harkerville market and blogged about them here. That was was 6 months ago, and I am happy to report that since then they have lived on nothing but air! I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I attached them to this racket I found  at a yard sale for R5.

This little one has been happily living in a glass beaker on the kitchen table

I love how gracefully the succulent below is twirling out of my yellow swan. This is another one that’s been growing in  water.

I stole a snippet of the  spiky “dragon” plant below from my friend Nikki’s garden, it’s getting so big that I’ll have to find a bigger pot soon…

How to pot a plant – make sure there’s a hole at the bottom of the pot, then fill the bottom layer with pebbles for drainage. I keep some broken pieces of old terracotta pots and line the bottom with that.

Then fill with good potting soil and mix in a handful of Talbourne organics fertiliser. If you have lots of plants in pots, give them a top-up of  fertiliser once a month and they will flourish – I wish someone had told me this trick when I started out!

And finally your plant goes in…

Use interesting jars and tins that you have lying around – empty olive oil tins are also good to use. Just use a sharp knife to pierce a few holes at the bottom, line with pebbles, then soil then plant. Easy.

My brand new mint plant – this harvest will come in handy for mojito times…

These micro basil plants were a great find at Starke Ayres and look very snazzy in salads.

My parsley bush looks like its on crack – and I cut it back just few days ago. I have loads of it in my fridge and found an awesome parsley-almond-chilli pesto recipe – thanks Ammy! Friends and family, prepare yourselves for parsley pesto presents.

Rocket is also very easy to grow

Dill is my all time favourite herb, but sadly I’ve never been able to grow it, so i opted for Fennel. If anyone can tell me how to grow Dill, I will pay you a thousand gorillas!  Some of my other easy growers are rosemary, thyme, sage, origanum, celery and tomatoes.

The living wall around our bedroom window and the outside shower makes me very happy.

And lastly, the ferns in my bathroom are from my mom’s garden in Knysna, where they grow like weeds. But in a good way…

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