Decorating with Plants #3

This post has been more interesting than most (read: damn hard). I’ve had my 7kg assistant strapped to my chest while moving pots and plants and trying to shoot while she wildly kicks her little legs and tries to grab anything she can reach. But the end result is very satisfying…and my tiny creative director agrees. Our home is looking fresh and revived with some old plants in new pots from Stodels – they’re offering up to 50% off on a great selection until 16 November so this is a good time to stock up for Summer! I’m only showing a small selection, trust me there’s loads of nice ones : ) Most of the plants are from Stodels too, except the cuttings I’ve stolen/collected from friends and neighbours.

I love using plants in my bathrooms – it’s naturally a bit of a green house (lots of light + moisture) so it’s a good place to start. The plant on the left is my new fave and is called a Monstera, the little one in front is a cutting from neighbours garden and the succulent on the right is a Euphorbia Trigoma.

The big ass orchid below is so impressive. The orchid flowers have bloomed and died, but it still looks fierce. This guy is a Cymbidium.


I’m hugely into G&T’s these days, the pretty one below is from Hope on Hopkins. I like to drink mine with a sprig of fresh thyme and a squeeze of lemon.

And the Egoli Trolley Dolly is a great place to showcase your plants and your gin collection. The plant on the top shelf is a Wild Onion and the one bottom left is a Monstera and on the right a Crassula Muscosa.

I love collecting cuttings of interesting plants and find that succulents do especiallly well. I put mine a glass jar with a bit of water in a sunny spot and wait for the roots to sprout, then pot them. Don’t know what this one is but it’s been flourishing on our kitchen shelf.

I bought the fiddle leaf fig below about 2 years ago but they seem to be a bit tricky to get hold of these days.

The fern below is from my mom’s garden in Knysna and normally lives in the bathroom, but I like seeing it as I walk in the door with fresh eyes.

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