Decorating with plants # 2

By now you know that I go a bit gaga over decorating with plants, it’s one of the most feel-good things you can do for your home and so easy… but I  know not everyone has my rad green fingers, so I’ll show you some ways to style with more armageddon-resistant-type plants, two of my favourites – succulents and air plants. All plants and pots are from Stodels and photography by Cindy Taylor.

As I’ve said before – try to go for different textures, like the combination of spiky and juicy leaves. I water mine thoroughly once a week and let all the water drain out ( i don’t like water to collect at the base of those tray type things, I find my plants don’t do well with wet feet). You can read more about caring for cacti here

The terracotta pots are super cheap R10.95 and water wise because they retain moisture for longer.

Air plants don’t even need to be potted, they just need fresh air and a spritz of water once a week (that’s how I keep mine alive). Get yourself a small spray bottle and keep them moist, or hang them in your bathroom where they’ll get lots of moisture every time you shower. We tied them to white cotton and hung them at different heights above the bed…a very zen addition to the bedroom. Read more about caring for them here.


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