My dear friend Chelle tasked me with making her some stoolbots (which she refers to as her gin stools) and I had to share some pics of her hip home. A girl after my own heart – she calls a spade a spade, has a penchant for swans, loads of plants all over her house and she makes stuff. Apart from being a full time fashion buyer, Chelle started Dear Deer which is  a range of luxurious satin pillow slips. They maintain the natural moisture balance in your hair, minimise facial wrinkles, puffiness and they make you look thinner. HelllllZZZ yeah, i am going to sleep myself back to my teenage glory days.

Satin Pillow slips in the making…

Beautifully packaged and R5 of the sale goes to breast cancer awareness.

See what House and Leisure had to say about Dear Deer.

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