Ile de Pain bakes the kind of bread that makes the wheat intolerant weep in their beds

These airplants make succulents look like high maintenance – they grow with no soil, root attachment, feeding or watering. Low maintenance, high yeild. That’s my kind of investment. One’s even called Neglecta, a ‘treat her mean keep her green’ kind of plant. Will post a ‘how to’ once I’ve installed them in my garden.

Had a couple of epic swims, crucial to my mental well being

And did some junk shopping. Drove back to Cape Town via Route 62 so I could visit my favourite junk shop in Oudtshoorn, but the mother beepers were closed. Then the Calitzdorp antique shop goes and delivers these beauties – an old Swan paraffin box. Slightly obsessed with swans at the moment.

Some more glass jars for the plants I raided from my mom’s garden

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