I really enjoy getting older. Because the older you get the more you can get away with being your moody cranky happy self, and that’s something to look forward to by my reckoning. Here’s how I celebrated the day:

Did you know that you get a free ride up the Cape Town cable car on your birthday? Genius, since I haven’t been up in about 10 years and it really is quite insanely beautiful up there


When we stepped off the mountain I cashed in my voucher at en masse for a sublime massage. For those of you who haven’t been – they have a serious range of teas which you can sip before or after your massage. I settled on the nettle

then put my feet up to read a magazine that I thought was very me (this is the other bonus, they have a great selection of mags too)

then headed to el burro for frozen margaritas, burritos and a runny chocolate cake thing that came with candles in skulls. Staring la muerte in the face, poetic.

and opened some gifts

an antique plate from my mother in law’s great grandmother

knickers from eberjey, wish we had this brand in SA

the finest leather slippers, think I need a good cigar and a smoking jacket to go with these

Minnetonka moccasins from Mungo & Jemima.

a kick ass pillow

the illustration on this hand made paper notebook from www.inkandpowder.com looks like a moonlit fable

recycled ribbon for the wrapping drawer

a print from my super talented photographer Cindy Taylor

one of my cards, wish I had all these vintage books on my shelf. Not to read though, just because they’re pretty

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