“… Like, for example, this excellent media cabinet co-designed with Cape Town furniture maker Monya Eastman, who runs a company called Stokperd. The result is a simple storage piece called “Peggy,” after everyone’s favorite Mad Men heroine.”


Miss Moss

“Monya was in the same predicament as me many times over – knowing exactly what kind of pieces she wanted to fill her home with but not being able to find those things in the shops. so she started having pieces made to her own designs…”



“Monya Eastman used to be a corporate girl, “stuck in an office, daydreaming about making beautiful things. ” One day, while renovating her home, the opportunity to escape finally availed itself…and that’s how Stokperd (‘hobby’ in Afrikaans, began).”



SF Girl By Bay

“some days, i don’t have a lot of words. i just like thinking about style and space. the yin and yang of things. a little of ‘this’ plus ‘that’ quite often equals a lot of things i love.”


Handsome Things

“Monya Eastman from Stokperd will come to your place, measure it out, talk ideas and types of wood and create the perfect piece of furniture for your home. No more buying a clunky piece that’s too big for your space. I like that.”


Design Sponge

“Two years ago, Monya and Jeremy Eastman set upon the ambitious task of renovating their home, located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa. Frustrated that she was unable to find the kind of furniture they were looking for, Monya started her own custom-made furniture company, Stokperd.”