Another Jozi visit

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I’m always energised by a visit to Johannesburg, a vibrant-energetic city that is always changing, and always so welcoming. Some highlights from my recent trip was the Turbine Art Fair in Newtown, and a visit to Constitution Hill, home of the Constitutional Court and Old Fort Prison. All pics are from my Instagram feed.

Anti Est, Braamfontein

Stokperd Jozi 2014-12

The Bannister Hotel – Braamfontein

Stokperd Jozi 2014-7

Sir James van der Merwe Bar - Kramerville

Stokperd Jozi 2014-8

Katy’s Palace Bar – Kramerville

Stokperd Jozi 2014-3

The Radium Beer Hall – Louis Botha Ave

Stokperd Jozi 2014-4

Priest Coffee Bar – Rosebank

Stokperd Jozi 2014-5

The Turbine Art Fair - Newtown

Stokperd Jozi 2014-9

Stokperd Jozi 2014-10

Stokperd Jozi 2014-13

Wyatt hair – 44 Stanley

Stokperd Jozi 2014-2

My sister’s lovely home, which I blogged about here.

Stokperd Jozi 2014-11

Stokperd Jozi 2014

Stokperd Jozi 2014-14

Constitution Hill – Braamfontein

Stokperd Jozi 2014-2-2

Not pictured but worth a visit – Perron for excellent Mexican and a massage at En Masse in Illovo to soothe your tired muscles.

Alma Road – Rosebank

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Richard and Antoinette Bell live in the most exquisitely renovated Victorian in Rosebank (our new neighbourhood, whooop! But I will share more about that later).

The story behind this beauty is that it was built around 1890, a farmer who owned the land built two identical houses for his daughters, and he really must have loved them because these homes are large and gorgeous and no expense was spared, you’ll see what I mean – I am only featuring one of them. What I love about houses built in this era is the craftsmanship – thick walls, intricately tiled floors, pressed ceilings, beautiful fireplaces, solid wooden floors, wrap around verandas and and this one has a killer view of table mountain thrown in.

Alma Road landscape-23

Alma Road landscape

Alma Road landscape-20

Alma Road landscape-26

Painting in the entrance hall by Matthew Small

Alma Road landscape

Dining room – painting by Matthew Hindley

Alma Road landscape-3

The black and white chequered kitchen chairs are from Pezula interiors.

Alma Road landscape-2

Alma Road landscape-3

A cosy reading nook in the kitchen looks out over the vegetable garden.

Stokperd_Alma Rd PT (8)

Richard is a very talented cook and gets his fresh ingredients from the herb and vegetable garden right outside the kitchen.

Alma Road landscape-17

Alma Road landscape-10

The map wall-paper in Ethan’s room was taken from a National Geographic and printed by Smart Art.

Alma Road landscape-2

Oliver’s room


The main bathroom – fittings from Victorian bathrooms

Alma Road landscape

Tiles in the boy’s bathroom are from Quadrata

Alma Road landscape-7

Alma Road landscape


Architect: Justin Cook from Coop Architects

Builder: Barnes Brothers

Landscaping: Red Daffodil

Avenue De L’Hermite

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I can completely relate to someone who buys a house because it has a big avo tree in the back garden. It also helps that the house is a 1920′s beauty on the slopes of Fresnaye with a view of Lion’s Head and the sea. Score on every level right? It took Cara Saven and her family 3 years of searching to find this gem, and once they did, it turned out the previous owner was a good friend of her family, a very fortuitous find. With the help of architect Kobus van Schoor and her interior designer friends Karen Marsden and Lara Myerson they pretty much gutted the cramped interior to create an open, airy living space.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (9)

Artwork above by Claudia Gurwitz and many of the retro pieces were found at the Milnerton Market. The original wooden floors were sanded and re-sealed.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (6)

Cara - a photographer and designer of beautiful custom wallpaper, found the CNC template below on the rubbish heap outside her printer’s office, rescued it and hung it on the wall.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (6)

The lighting throughout the house is from Lightworld (owned by Cara’s fater-in-law)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (10)

Stokperd_Cara Saven

The previous owners left behind quite a few of their original retro pieces, like the kitchen table and chairs. The white cement floors are by Stucco Italiano.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (3)

The kitchen cupboards were designed by Cara – who has a big thing for mint green kitchens. Built and fitted by Easylife kitchens.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (15)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (8)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (1)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (5)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (3)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (11)

The girls’ bedroom, very polite in their demands.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (12)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (11)

Cara portrait

The guest bathroom – where an original porthole window was cleverly turned into a mirror. The bath was salvaged from the original house.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (9)

A clever feature suggested by Cara’s interior designer was to create “extra-length” doors, by extending the door frames and adding an extra half a door to the existing door.



Stokperd_Cara Saven (2)

Cara’s office – the walls are clad in one of her own beautiful custom wallpapers. You can view the full range here.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (4)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (5)


Architect – Kobus van Schoor (021) 434 9111

Interior designers – Karen Marsden and Lara Myerson

Builder – Ryno van Deventer 082 292 5406


Nina and Sascha’s Home

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I love finding spaces that are a good reflection of the people they are inhabited by, and this retro-cool home is one of those. Nina van Reenen is creative director at Room 13 + Room 13 Collection and a fun-loving fellow afrikaanse meisie who I’ve laughed with many times over the years. Sascha Berolsky is the feisty portuguese guy who has done exceptionally well with iconic Cape Town restaurants Royale Eatery and El Burro. Their Greenpoint home is an artful combination of contradicting styles – pieces from local designers, family heirlooms, furniture and vintage toys found on travels around the world as well as second hand shop and market finds bought for a steal and renovated with a lick of paint. It all works beautifully in this happy home that they share with their two boys Leo and Sebastian and Molly the cat.

The dining room table below is from Gregor Jenkin and the retro chairs were traded for a fridge with the owner of their previous home.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (9)

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (22)

The artwork above the fireplace is by Paul Senyol and Warren Lewis and the clock in the bell jar belonged to Nina’s great-great grandfather.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (13)

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (7)

The cushions below are called Sanddollar and Deserted, the latest range from Room 13 Collection, click here to find out more. 

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (33)

The cushions on the sofa are all from Room 13 Collection.

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha  (4)

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (10)

Stokperd Nina+++Sascha

The art piece below is called “cry me a river” by Olaf Hajek and the blue cushion is an Ophelia Sky from the Room 13 Collection.


The black and copper light fitting is from Light World in Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (26)

Bedroom vanity from Space for Life

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (30)

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (1)

Shelves –  Munka in rosewood from Stokperd

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha (8)

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha (6)

Sebastian’s room – the crib was a lucky find from a second hand shop in Ysterplaat. Nina restored it with a coat of paint and wove new rope into the raillings, and also had a new mattress made. The cushions are from the Room 13 Collection – Monty range.

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha  (2)

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (17)

Leo’s room – the gorgeous knitted patchwork blanket was made by his doting grandmother Vovo (grandmother in portuguese) and the “Stay Puft” man is from Sascha’s extensive vintage toy collection.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (18)

Shelving – by James Mudge and the wooden rocker was made by a recluse furniture maker that Sasha found in the mountains of Hokkaido.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (31)

Art: Paintings for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha  (1)

Bathroom: planters by Pedersen & Lennard

Stokperd_Nina ++ Sasha (7)

Red stool – a Milnerton Market find, revived with a fresh coat of red paint. Hexagonal tiles from Quadrata.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (24)

This is the only part of the garden that was ready for the blog shoot, there’s an eco swimming pool and awesome vege-garden that I will have to show you in round two.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (5)

Beloved Abbysinian cat, Molly loves to chill on the red Chicane cushions from the Room 13 Collection.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (21)

Leo – having fun with his black pebbles.

Stokperd - Nina + Sasha (20)



Some times…

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I finally have an iphone…don’t know what took me so damn long!  And now I don’t know how I ever lived without it? How was it even possible to breathe in my dull un-instagrammed world?! I was such a luddite. But not anymore… here’s a collection of the things and places I’ve snapped over the past two months, if you like you like can follow me on instagram here.

Opus – Woodstock Foundry

Stokperd on instagram (2)

Dear Rae – Woodstock Foundry

Stokperd on instagram (1)

Dear Rae – Woodstock Foundry

Stokperd on instagram (18)

Selah – Woodstock Foundry

Stokperd on instagram (17)

Oranjezicht City Farm

Stokperd on instagram (16)

Stanley Beer Yard – JHB

Stokperd on instagram (15)

Maboneng – Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (10)

Maboneng – Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (13)

Maboneng - Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (12)

Blackanese sushi bar – Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (11)

Mezzanine – Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (9)

Stokperd on instagram (6)

Ceramic Factory - Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (8)

The Whippet - Johannesburg

Stokperd on instagram (7)

Napier – Overberg

Stokperd on instagram (5)

Granaat coffee shop – Laingsburg


Church hall – Prince Albert



Surfer’s corner – Muizenburg

Stokperd on instagram (4)

Kalk Bay Co-op – Cape Town

Stokperd on instagram (3)

My garden – Cape Town

Stokperd on instagram (14)


Teri and Duncan’s home

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Teri and Duncan MacDuff’s Rondebosch home is so awesome it made my eyeballs quiver. It has all the stuff I like – a spacious indigenous garden with big trees, a pool with a “majestic” (estate agent speak) view of the mountain and an interior that’s been renovated to maximise on many, many rays of natural light. And with the recent addition of Riley to the family, they are one cool little gang.

Naked bulbs from Hoi P’loy

Stokperd_Teri McDuff home 16 (3)

Geometric Tiles at entrace hall – Quadrata

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (13)

The main bedroom walls are clad with Ash wood from Ticktin Timbers and the reading lights are from Space for Life

Stokperd_Teri McDuff home 16 (6)

Geometric bathroom tiles from Quadrata

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (12)

Shelf – rosewood munka from Stokperd

Stokperd_Teri McDuff home 16 (2)

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (1)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (2)

Vanity and mirror in guest bathroom are both from Space for Life

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (3)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (1)

Shower tiles from Quadrata and brass shower head and fittings from John Brass

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 18 (1)

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (4)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 18 (2)

Baby Riley’s cot – an antique heirloom from Teri’s mom

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (5)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (5)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (11)

Dining room table and wall unit by James Mudge ,and the cool retro chairs are from Saks Corner.

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (6)

The bright wooden rabbits were bought on their honeymoon trip – Terri says they didn’t make for easy transportation across Mexico!

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (7)

Stokperd_Teri McDuff home 16 (1)

Retro dining room chairs from Space for Life

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 18 (3)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 18 (4)

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (6)

Stokperd - Teri McDuff home (8)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 18 (6)

Stokperd_Terri McDuff home 17 (9)

Architect – Leah Johnson

Builders – Faclier Brothers

Metal window and door frames - Metal Windows

Home Inspiration

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We’re still house hunting, it seems to be taking forever! But in the mean time, I am squirreling away references and ideas for when the big day comes…so for now I’m just daydreaming and looking forward to the smell of wet cement.

Lighting – Rothchild & Bickers 

Stokperd_home inspiration (9)

Stokperd_home inspiration (11)

Fabric – very keen to re-upholster a tired looking chair with fabric from local designers Zana, love their range of simple geometric prints. I have already ordered this pouch to stave off my anticipation.

Stokperd Home Inspiration (1)

Stokperd Home Inspiration (6)


Scatter cushions and wallpaper from Room 13‘s geo floral range

Stokperd Home Inspiration (3)

Stokperd Home Inspiration (4)

Stokperd Home Inspiration (5)

Chairs – Line Klein


Floors – Bo Bedre


Art – by Olaf Hajek , Cry me a River




Tiles – by Marrakech Design 

Stokperd_home inspiration (8)

New Year at Die Laaitjie

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This holiday has made me feel so blissed out and in awe of all the small things in life and I’m determined to hold on to the “zen-ness” as far into 2014 as I can. My plan is to spend more time in the sea and on the mountain; for starters I have a 7am Monday morning meeting with my photographer Cindy, this meeting will take place on the beach – and will involve nothing but a swim.

I didn’t take many pictures in Knysna this year, but I got my photo-mojo back  at Die Laaitjie just outside Robertson, where we said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed the new year with same lovely loonies as we did a year ago in Elgin.

Robertson 2014-5

Robertson 2014-4

Robertson 2014-6

Robertson 2014-9

Robertson 2014-3

Robertson 2014-11

Robertson 2014_28

Robertson 2014-23

Robertson 2014-24

Robertson 2014-26

Robertson 2014-18

Robertson 2014-14

Robertson 2014-13

Cath’s Tamboerskloof Renovation

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Since we’ve started on our house-hunting mission I’ve been looking at houses like a hungry-blood-hound… wanting to sniff out the best suppliers in all the land for tiles, light fittings, chairs, everything. Enter Cath Crawford’s beautifully renovated home, she’s done a superb job in creating a light and airy retro-inspired space by doing a few clever face-lifts together with the help of Christo Interiors.

Cath's home Stokperd

Cath's home Stokperd-4

Cath's home Stokperd-3

The hat-rack is a clever DIY job that Cath made from vintage rulers – you could find similar ones at the Milnerton Market.

Cath's home Stokperd

Cath's home Stokperd-2

The kitchen is the heart of this home, and leads out onto a gorgeous courtyard. I especially love the retro 70′s feel created with green and white linoleum tiles from Flor-store in Sea Point. The table is from Saks Corner and the chairs from Guideline Manufacturing

Cath's home Stokperd-12

The black pendant lights are from Light World.

Cath's home Stokperd-6

The metro tiles are from  Douglas Jones.

Cath's home Stokperd-13

Cath fell in love with the peppery taste and sunshine yellow packaging of the Prince Albert olive oil, and now get its posted over from the Badenhorst farm in sets of 10.

Cath's home Stokperd-10

Cath's home Stokperd-10

Cath's home Stokperd-5

The black and white mosaic tiles in the guest bathroom are from Pudlo and the metro tiles from Douglas Jones.

Cath's home Stokperd-3

The lush Ivy-clad courtyard that leads out from the kitchen feels like you’ve stepped out of the city and into the centre of a sleepy village.

Cath's home Stokperd-8

The outdoor table is a teak Lisbett from Stokperd.

Cath's home Stokperd-20

Cath's home Stokperd-18

The front stoep with great views of the city.

Cath's home Stokperd-7

House Hunting

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So Jeremy and I have taken the leap and sold our sweet Greenpoint home, eeeeek. It’s been quite an emotional sale on our part, but along with mixed feelings of saying goodbye we are also excited about finding our new dream house…which has been an interesting experience to say the least. While browsing CT property websites we’ve seen some shocking pics, nice looking homes but with junk piled up in boxes, kitchen sinks overflowing with dishes, bedrooms strewn with clothes. You’d think sellers would at least tidy up to some degree before shooting their homes for advertising purposes. And that’s why I find Alhvem real estate in Stockholm (which I’ve shared with you before) and also Fantastic Frank so refreshing. Beautifully styled homes, clean white walls, clutter-free surfaces and not a travertine tile in sight! Pity we don’t want to live in Stockholm though…

Fantastic Frank - Frejgattan

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-3

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-4

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-5


Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-6

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-7

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-8

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-9

Fantastic Frank_Stokperd-11

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd

Fantastic Frank_LS_Stokperd-2

Alvhem: Nordenskiöldsgatan







Andra 7D, Linnéstaden