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I thought we could all do with a little sunshine, and so I bring you Mozambique's finest. My sister and her husband spent a few sun soaked days on  Ilha de Moçambique, and hot dang it looks like the proverbial paradise. Blue water, big skies, leafy trees, and the island is only 3km long and 400m wide. I have my finger poised on the teleportation button. Check you b*tches laaater! All images by Maryke Carstens-Burger. They stayed at the dreamy Terraco das Quitandas Guest House, with its very own stokperd on the wall. Click here for more info. A local tailor hard

I'm mildly obsessed with abandoned places since finding Christopher Payne's documentary on 19th century insane asylums. The images below are of Nara Dreamland in Japan, built in 1961 to resemble Disneyland (which was built in 1955) and abandoned in 2006. There's something unusually beautiful about the after life of the swan rides stranded in the reeds and the way time and nature has reclaimed the merry-go-round. You can read more about it from Abandoned Kansai. All images from here.

Imagine moving into a newly renovated home where half the paint and plaster work is unfinished and there's still "graffiti" on the walls? You'd axe someone, right? But have a look at this Melbourne aparment, where architects Edwards Moore calls it "a collection of raw and untreated finishes creating a grit that compliments the owners desire for an uncomplicated living arrangement." Perfection is obviously so last season.  See more here thisispaper.            

My sister is one of my favourite people on the planet. I think its because she knows what 'kenko' means and therefore totally gets me. She and her husband Steph were the spark behind my business - they commissioned the Sister table, which was my very first order! They share their apartment in Illovo with the little dude Ben, the squishiest bit of cuteness in the world. It's sunny and has a huge avo tree outside the window, a rooftop deck & pool and cool art by Kentridge, Robert Hodgins, Cecil Skotnes and Walter Battiss.

I spent Friday morning in a heady cloud of sage, honey, lavender, pomegranate and a mixture of herbs and flowers from the Tuscan hills, all thanks to my clever friend Michelle who has opened her gorgeous shop in de Waterkant. Santa Maria Novella was created by Florentine monks in 1612, and to this day all products are still made or finished by hand in Florence. The packaging is exquisite, nothing is tested on animals and the essential oil fragrances are pure luxury.  The products range from perfumes to body lotions, hair care, soaps, baby products, bath salts, candles and incense.

My talented pal Mariota grew up on a farm in the heart of Zululand, but now lives in Venice Beach with her husband Ian in a sunny bungalow. Over a skype chat the other day we decided to collaborate on this blog post and bring you a voyeuristic peak into their daily life. I Hope you enjoy the home tour as much as I did! All pics by Mariota Bauer. Tell me about Venice Beach? Ian and I moved to Venice Beach 2 years ago. We were living in Amsterdam and after 3 years of rain, we were desperate for some sun. Venice

The thing about Scandi-styled homes that gets me every time is the calmness it brings to my eyes. Every line is considered and leaves no room for clutter. I dream about this kind of steamlined living, but my hoarding self will ever achieve it. I found this simplistically beautiful home in Melbourne on Design Files.  "Affectionately nick named ‘The Log Cabin’, this lovingly renovated 1970′s timber home belongs to Simone Haag and Rhys Haag, who share the space with their larger-than-life rescue dog, Tank (a Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound)."  

So it turns out the desert lady Lily Stockman that I blogged about on friday is even more amazing than I thought. Together with her sister Hopie, she created The Block Shop, an Indian textile company that makes the most exquisite scarves - hand printed in Rajasthan by a family of master printers. As a serious scarf lover, I have high standards for the perfect specimen, and these fit my every criterion of beateousness. BUT each one is block printed one at a time, which explains why my favourite ones seem to be permanently sold out! Grrr