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Jeremy and I spent  a couple of weeks in the south of France, pretty much eating cheese, saucisson and drinking wine + beer. And repeat repeat repeat. The French are not as naturally welcoming as the Italians, but they have pain au chocolat that tastes like redemption itself. So we could deal with them. Our tour de gastronomie went like this: Nice - Castellane - Gordes - Marseilles - Hyeres and here are the happy snaps, beginning with the end our trip (which was our favourite part). Hyeres - we spent a week with our pals Claire and Gavin in their beautiful put-your-feet-up and

My Greenpoint neighbour Sue is one of those people that I've always admired for her calm presence, easy sense of style and mad design skills. When we recently used her lounge and bedroom as location for the Lisbett & Lucky shoot I thought it was about time that I showcased the home of gorgeousness that she shares with husband Brad and beloved dog Khay. What I love most about this home is the effortless blend of vintage finds, art and family heirlooms that she puts together so artfully. I asked Sue to tell us more about the lovely pieces in each

Three of the most clever restaurant designs I have seen in a long time are all by the inspiring London based design studio Paul Crofts. Each is based on a strong concept that ties in beautifully with the name and inspiration behind the restaurant. The first is a crêperie in west London where gingham and lace patterns (referenced from French bonnets) have been screen printed onto tables and shelves and the floor is reclaimed french oak parquet. Read more here. And when designing the interior for the Cornerstone Cafe which was (formerly used as a munitions store) Paul Crofts Studio referenced the area's history

We spent the long weekend at  Emily Moon canoeing down the Bitou River, flanked on either side by tall reeds and the sounds of frogs and birds, long sunsets, log fires, soothing food, slow mornings and two very cold swims in the sea. The perfect way to revive a city soul.   

Over the past few weeks Jeremy and I have been scouting for a new home, and if you've ever done the 2 - 5pm show house stint in Cape Town you'll know what we're going through. Houses are advertised as being in "mint" condition and when you get there its a hodge podge of weird renovations with rooms big enough for a hobbit. It's exhausting! But the stylish Swedes are onto a good thing with Alhvem, where every home that's for sale looks like it's straight off the pages of an Elle decor magazine