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What a ride. I've gone from monochrome to full colour in the space of 2 months, am I dizzy yet? No! It feels so gooooood. In the second series of my makeover with Builders I've taken on my bedroom in subtle but not so subtle way (read no crazy paint). The major change has been the headboard, an addition that makes the room feel so much warmer and way comfier. Photography by Miss Moss. BEFORE - super paired-back and minimal. La Muerte taking centre stage on the cushion. AFTER - a sudden death to minimalism as the room erupts in a riot

We renovated our home 3 years ago but at the moment it feels more like 10 years. Having a little person in the house means that white walls don't stay white, the coffee tables become works of 'art'  and there's a lot of extra paraphernalia (toy boxes, high chairs, prams etc) that you have to accommodate. Apart from Elle leaving her mark on our space, I've become tired of seeing the same old walls and decided it's time for a do-over. In collaboration with the lovely team at Builders I'm excited to share my makeovers and inspiration with you room-by-room,

As an ex-corporate world dweller (yes, that was my previous life) nothing gave me more joy than re-doing this beast of a space. Added to this joy was the luck of working with a client that was open minded and happy to renovate the space they had inherited, as in like - completely. They call themselves a not-so-normal financial services company and with slogans like "part giant, part giant-slayer" I knew we were a good match from the start. Indie's brief to me was to eradicate all vestiges of the old corporate environment and to create an office that reflected who

Let me start this home tour by telling you about the best buns in town, belonging to one Warren Rasmussen. And these are not any old buns, I'm talking sticky sweet cardamom buns with crunchy sugary bits on top. Heaven! So not only is this the beautiful home of the Rasmussen family, but also the home-based bakery of Warren's side project - The Local Baker. But all the Rasmussens are a creative bunch, Emma works in advertising and also makes beautiful bean bags and sews magical kids dress-up clothes and decor, and Warren's day job is actually photography. They have

What do you do when you get an opportunity to shoot a beautiful home, but you only have an iphone, a plane to catch and a small hurricane in your care? You make a plan! And that's exactly how Maryke (my sister and I) shot the beautiful Forest Town home in Jozi below. Taking turns  entertaining Elle - who was running around at full tilt; and taking snaps with the phone like ninja moms. I don't think we did the home full justice, but you will still be able to appreciate the strong architectural lines, incredible art collection and good

I am a self confessed closet 'flower arranger' so when I meet someone who actually knows what they're doing I get all girl-crushy. Bee Soboil is one such talented crush-worthy-person. She spent years in the advertising industry dreaming of a life filled with flowers, and lucky for all of us she left that world behind and followed her dream. She now spends her time teaching Ikebana classes, which is the Japanese art of flower arranging that is so beautiful it breaks your heart. Instead of putting wild bunches together is more restrained and minimal in it's approach, focussing on the

Happy 2018 to all y'all! I'm very excited to kick off the new year with this bang-bang-banger of a house and a few pineapples thrown into the mix. The first time Lesley Sykes (an old university pal) invited me over to chat about some pieces for their new home it was still a complete building site, and it's been mind blowing to see how it's transformed into something truly magnificent. When the couple headed back to South Africa from the UK they spotted a run-down Victorian in Sea Point and it was love at first sight. The convenient positioning was a

Oooh Xmas is upon us and if you're getting nervous about the big day and entertaining a clan of family, then relax, because help has arrived. My first strategy is to start drinking as early as possible and to keep that up, the second is to have most of the food prepared and ready before guests arrive. Easy (in theory). Keeping things effortless and low key is a skill I try to master every day. Sadly I'd be lying if i said that I am anywhere near perfecting it, but there are a few tricks that I've learnt and if it

I like walking into a space that has a soothing effect on my senses. Everything in this home is in the right place and there's lots of white space, natural sunlight and art - the perfect place to unwind and gather yourself. This is the home of Mike Leslie from And People, a youth culture guru who has his ear to the ground on all things 'now' and Shanti O' Hagan one of Cape Town's top hair stylists at Mop Hair, yes that Shanti. Sharing this beautiful space is their 9 month old daughter India Rain and big-boy-fur-baby Edward. Q: What made