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Projects: Decorating with Plants

Wowzers…getting settled into our new home has been a long ride for Jeremy and I.  It’s taken roughly 2 years from selling in Greenpoint, to searching for a house, finding it, buying it and finally renovating. Throw into that mix a year and a half of living with family and Jeremy breaking his ankle in the midst of the build and I’m surprised I’m alive to tell the tale! So now that I’ve earned my stripes in all things renovation related, I thought I would share some of my hard-earned tips with you in a new series called Stokerd Projects where I’ll feature everything from styling to renovating and everything that comes up in between!

Our first ‘how to’ is a collaboration with Stodels Nursery, and features a topic I never tire of, plants. It’s one of the easiest ways to decorate and ‘up’ the happiness levels in any room, and lets not forget the free amounts of oxygen  these guys give off. It will also brighten up the final stretch of Winter, bonus.

We used The Darth Vader fireplace in our bedroom as a guinea pig for a leafy makeover… all plants are from Stodels Nursery, I went to their Durbanville branch which has a huge selection of amazing plants – but you can find your nearest store here. Photography by the brilliant Cindy Taylor

style how-to-1

Looking far less intimidating below thanks to the bamboo palm R79.95 in a mini Ama Nice Nice missoni basket R240 from Design Afrika, asparagus fern R74.95 in a white planter from Stodels R54.95, phrenology vase R250 from Mr Chandler House, beaucarnea R99.95 in copper glazed planter R94.95 from Stodels.

style how-to-3

Some tips when styling your plants:

– make sure to choose plants with different leaf textures and colours

– choose different sizes/heights of plants, you don’t want them all to look the same

– same goes for the pots, stay in a colour scheme, but choose different sizes and textures

– don’t be afraid to go big!

– don’t forget to water them

style how-to-2

And another option..we added the water colour owl in the back from Peter Eastman, second from the left the sedum gold R39.95 in a white ribbed planter R109.95 from Stodels, schefflera R36.95 and on the far right the Nongo basket from Design Afrika R520

style how-to-12

And now added even bigger plants..to the left is an auruceria R449,95 in Porcupine basket from Design Afrika R790 and on the right the fiddle leaf fig R139.95 in teracotta pot R79.95 from Stodels

style how-to-15

Bathrooms are an excellent spot for plants, the moisture and light create a mini hothouse…steamy! Ferns thrive in these conditions, so I’ve used two nephrolepsis ferns R49.95 and a love palm  R69.95 in a range of terracotta pots from Stodels and I absolutely LOVE the white Aldus hanging planter from Ceramic Factory R699

style how-to-47 style how-to-49

Below is a new addition to the Stokperd DIY range..the white stay brackets R160 for a set, they also come in black and solid wood

style how-to-52 style how-to-64

Delicious monster R69.95 in a glass pot from Mr Price home in Greenpoint, I hope they still have stock! The glass jar on the right is a Milnerton Flea Market find, filled with strelitzia leaves I cut from my garden. And that proud doggy in the middle belonged to Jeremy’s grandmother : )

style how-to-41

On the left is the Aldus Navy dipped carafe from Ceramic factory R220, and a fern from my garden. On the right is the sedum gold R39.95 in a white ribbed pot R109.95 both from Stodels.

style how-to-36

And the bare entry hall also needed some leafy love…

style how-to-22

The fiddle leaf fig R139.95 in the azalea 24cm terracotta pot R79.95 both from Stodels

style how-to-18

And finally…this rubber tree has completely transformed our kitchen R180 in a gorgeous Alph Missoni basket  R450 from Design Afrika.

style how-to-24


  • August 7, 2015

    Beautiful leafy loveliness Monya! Love the baskets too – thanks for the Design Africa discount, will try and make use of it

  • August 13, 2015

    Love your house Monya! And obviously the plants! And the coat hook. Where is the coat hook from?

    • August 19, 2015

      Hi Anita

      The coat hook is from Pax 3D in de Waterkant Cape Town : )

  • August 19, 2015

    monya, your house is absolutely beautiful and the plants definitely adds a homely touch.

    please tell me what you did to get the concrete floor finish in the bathroom and the grey floor in the kitchen? is the kitchen floor painted? it looks lovely.

    we are renovating and just cannot find a product that gives a even ‘light concrete’ finish to my concrete screeded floors. we have tried almost every sealer.

    much appreciated


    • August 27, 2015

      Hi Yonel, glad you like it! I had a good laugh at your question, because the bathrooms are the only areas where the cement screed worked, it was a disaster everywhere else and delayed our ‘move in’ date by 2 months and caused us endless sleepless nights. The product is called Smooth ‘n Patch and it’s from Technical Finishes in Epping, Cape Town. Maybe you’ll have better luck with it! I just think our builder didn’t know how to apply it correctly : )

  • September 14, 2016
    Justin Warren

    Just found this website and absolutely love it!

    Ive also been looking for a fiddle leaf fig for about a year, any suggestions on who to try to find one?

  • January 6, 2017

    Fantastic post, great images, we’re definitely getting a fiddle leaf fig.

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