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Visits: Clementina Ceramics

Back in the day when I started my business Miss Moss designed my beautiful website in exchange for a Peggy unit (which she also photographed). Since then we’ve had many creative encounters along the way, but this new one excites the sheezniz out of me.

We’re combining our talents to bring you VISITS, a series of “looky sees” into the work and living spaces of talented South Africans. First up is Clementina van der Walt, a ceramicist and all round wonderful person. Photography by Miss Moss.

Stepping inside Clementina van der Walt’s ceramic studio is like walking into my own living dream: a massive 5th floor workspace in Woodstock, flanked by a row of floor to ceiling windows with columns of light streaming in; and a view of Cape Town all the way to the harbour, with the mountain peeking out just around the corner.

The studio feels like a living being, made up of the most primal elements, earth, fire, clay, and a kiln steadily baking away at the hand sculpted pieces that Clementina creates. And there is more life in every corner, the sunny window ledge is home to a collection of vetplantjies, many which started out as cuttings from her house in Calitzdorp. Sigh.

Although her ceramics are being sold in big retailers like the Conran Shop in London, Clementina still makes everything herself and no two hand crafted items are ever the same. As a maker; she feels a revolt against mass produced “soul-less” things and therefore has a hand in every item that leaves the studio. Chatting with her and partner Albie over a cup of coffee, we talk about small towns, the making process and life in general, and I can see that this space is a reflection of its unique & generous owners.

Clementina works from her studio in Woodstock along with her assistants Muriel, Adonis and Sandile. To view her work in person you can visit Kim Sacks in JHB, her shop at the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town or book a visit to the studio, a truly magical place. You can also buy her ceramics at her online shop.

Styling & Words: Monya Eastman | Photos: Miss Moss | Ceramics: Clementina van der Walt

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