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Eva Home Tour

The Eva family is delightful in so many ways – little Max is 15 months old and always ready with a smile, Karen is a pediatric surgeon (brainy as hell, obvs) and Rowan is an ad-man at Ogilvy by day, and also a phenomenon on social media with a killer instagram account and an avid runner – whose achievements always make me feel bad about still being in bed at 9am on a Saturday morning. Their beautiful Woodstock home is an original Victorian – filled with fun, quirk and a gigantic music collection. Enjoy!

Stokperd_Eva_Home (16)

Stokperd_Eva_Home (12)

Srtokperd_Eva_home tour (10)

Stokperd_Eva_Home (17)

A mahogany Peggy cabinet stores Rowan’s huge music collection

Stokperd_Eva_home tour (7)

Stokperd_Eva_home tour (5)

Stokperd_Eva_Home (5)

Stokperd_Eva_Home (13)

Stokperd_Eva_home tour (2)


  • December 1, 2014
    Lisa Fullstone

    This is great! They are some of my favourites people on social media. So lovely to have a sneak peek into their gorgeous home.

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