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Avenue De L’Hermite

I can completely relate to someone who buys a house because it has a big avo tree in the back garden. It also helps that the house is a 1920’s beauty on the slopes of Fresnaye with a view of Lion’s Head and the sea. Score on every level right? It took Cara Saven and her family 3 years of searching to find this gem, and once they did, it turned out the previous owner was a good friend of her family, a very fortuitous find. With the help of architect Kobus van Schoor and her interior designer friends Karen Marsden and Lara Myerson they pretty much gutted the cramped interior to create an open, airy living space.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (9)

Artwork above by Claudia Gurwitz and many of the retro pieces were found at the Milnerton Market. The original wooden floors were sanded and re-sealed.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (6)

Cara – a photographer and designer of beautiful custom wallpaper, found the CNC template below on the rubbish heap outside her printer’s office, rescued it and hung it on the wall.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (6)

The lighting throughout the house is from Lightworld (owned by Cara’s fater-in-law)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (10)

Stokperd_Cara Saven

The previous owners left behind quite a few of their original retro pieces, like the kitchen table and chairs. The white cement floors are by Stucco Italiano.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (3)

The kitchen cupboards were designed by Cara – who has a big thing for mint green kitchens. Built and fitted by Easylife kitchens.

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Stokperd__Cara Saven (5)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (3)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (11)

The girls’ bedroom, very polite in their demands.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (12)

Stokperd__Cara Saven (11)

Cara portrait

The guest bathroom – where an original porthole window was cleverly turned into a mirror. The bath was salvaged from the original house.

Stokperd__Cara Saven (9)

A clever feature suggested by Cara’s interior designer was to create “extra-length” doors, by extending the door frames and adding an extra half a door to the existing door.



Stokperd_Cara Saven (2)

Cara’s office – the walls are clad in one of her own beautiful custom wallpapers. You can view the full range here.

Stokperd_Cara Saven (4)

Stokperd_Cara Saven (5)


Architect – Kobus van Schoor mantis@icon.co.za (021) 434 9111

Interior designers – Karen Marsden and Lara Myerson

Builder – Ryno van Deventer 082 292 5406


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