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La belle France

Jeremy and I spent  a couple of weeks in the south of France, pretty much eating cheese, saucisson and drinking wine + beer. And repeat repeat repeat. The French are not as naturally welcoming as the Italians, but they have pain au chocolat that tastes like redemption itself. So we could deal with them. Our tour de gastronomie went like this: Nice – Castellane – Gordes – Marseilles – Hyeres and here are the happy snaps, beginning with the end our trip (which was our favourite part).

Hyeres – we spent a week with our pals Claire and Gavin in their beautiful put-your-feet-up and relax home. The travel guides will all tell you that there’s not much happening here, which is a blessing to this lovely town and keeps it virtually tourist free. It has a medieval centre, wine farms, beaches, hiking trails and some amazing swimming spots like the one below…where Jeremy did a swan dive straight into the Med.

Stokperd France 2013-12

Stokperd France 2013-46

Claire and I before an afternoon of wine-tasting:

Stokperd France 2013-50

The morning after:

Stokperd France 2013-76

Our mode of transport, Gavin’s 1990’s cabriolet…va va room

Stokperd France 2013-47

Stokperd France 2013-15

Stokperd France 2013-18

Stokperd France 2013-17

Stokperd France 2013-53

Stokperd France 2013-30

Cycling around the island of Poquerroles, one of the highlights of our trip.

Stokperd France 2013-55

Stokperd France 2013-59

Stokperd France 2013-95

Stokperd France 2013-23

Nice: a beautiful city, but a little bit too touristy for my liking.

Stokperd France 2013

Stokperd France 2013-2

Stokperd France 2013-3

Castellane is a tiny village in the Gorge du Verdon region. Breathtaking scenery, crystal clear water and a sleepy town. Just how I like it.


Stokperd France 2013-7

Stokperd France 2013-8

Stokperd France 2013-9

Stokperd France 2013-10

Gordes: a hilltop village in the Luberon valley

Stokperd France 2013-16

Stokperd France 2013

Stokperd France 2013-21

Stokperd France 2013-13

Marseilles – Soulful and real, my favourite french city. The cultural capital of Europe for 2013 and way more interesting than Paris in my opinion.

Stokperd France 2013-26

Stokperd France 2013-24

Stokperd France 2013-28

Stokperd France 2013 (2)

Stokperd France 2013-6

Jeremy aka Rael Furfenburger  visited every boucherie/charcterie he laid his hungry eyes on

Stokperd France 2013-19

Stokperd France 2013-2

Stokperd France 2013-2 (2)

Some shopping loot from the Sunday morning Marseille markets, exquisite packaging.

Stokperd France 2013-10

























  • October 18, 2013

    Gorgeous photos – you’ve really captured theFrench vibes Mon!

    I’m envious xxx

  • October 18, 2013
    Claire Bell

    Drinking vin and eating viande with Rael Furfenburger was the highlight of my trip. Rael knows what the good life is and how to enjoy it. Thanks for teaching me that food is the point and the point is food 🙂

  • October 27, 2013

    Magnificent. What a brilliant holiday.

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