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The Block Shop

So it turns out the desert lady Lily Stockman that I blogged about on friday is even more amazing than I thought. Together with her sister Hopie, she created The Block Shop, an Indian textile company that makes the most exquisite scarves – hand printed in Rajasthan by a family of master printers. As a serious scarf lover, I have high standards for the perfect specimen, and these fit my every criterion of beateousness. BUT each one is block printed one at a time, which explains why my favourite ones seem to be permanently sold out! Grrr

Block Shop (8)


Block Shop (7)

Block Shop (3)

Block Shop (1)

Block Shop (6)

Block Shop (9)

Block Shop (10)

Block Shop (11)



  • April 1, 2014

    Monya! This just popped up in my google alerts and I was so delighted to read your post. We’re restocked (and restocking) with almost everything right now- which one did you have your heart set on? We hope we still have the one you loved! xoxoxo Lily

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