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So it turns out the desert lady Lily Stockman that I blogged about on friday is even more amazing than I thought. Together with her sister Hopie, she created The Block Shop, an Indian textile company that makes the most exquisite scarves

Stumbling across these images of  the Arizona desert and writing by Lily Stockman made my heart beat as fast as a tumbleweed in a hurricane: " It was raining when we landed in Phoenix, and the blunt, camphor scent of the

Sweet old Babylonstoren. I've heard so many good things, but sadly I still haven't been, so I got my sister (who has a great knack for a beautiful shot) to be my ears and eyes on her recent visit there.

Here's a little Wednesday feast for your eyes: Spartan, an Austin based store that offers "a carefully edited collection of beautiful, practical objects and accessories, influenced by the changing seasons without straying far from our inventory of reliable classic items."  Via