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The drive to Napier was a neon trip – swathes of acid yellow canola contrasted with luminous green wheat fields, a sky heavy with cloud, lambs lolloping in the fields and everything shiny and scrubbed by the rain. And then there is the visual feast that is Halfaampieskraal. I first read about it in a VISI magazine in 2008 and I’d set my heart on it being our wedding venue, but unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate our gang. It’s a family farm that’s been around since 1790 and they have sheep, wheat, canola, barley, geese – and fantastical charm and style. The old school house has been transformed into four beautiful guest rooms, and everything has been considered – the linen, outside shower, fresh blossoms, eclectic mix of antiques, crystal, silver and food, oh my god the food. Alles is  baie flippen lekker ja. Footnote – I left my #$&*% camera at home, so these phone pics don’t do the place any real justice at all.

“The geese have been passed down through the generations to provide down for the comforters and duvets used on the farm. Their eggs are also a highly sought after delicacy. They redeem themselves thus for their early morning cacophony”



  • August 13, 2012

    You went! SO envious! I love that place. Beautiful pics as always miss M.

  • October 31, 2012
    Nine Broodryk

    We had the unbelievable privilege of celebrating our wedding on Halfaampieskraal and i get a lump in my throat just thinking about our day. No venue will ever come close to this gem for me..ever. Your photos are beautiful!

    • October 31, 2012

      Thanks Nine! I am already planning my next visit : )

  • November 5, 2012
    Candice Sheridan

    We just spent the weekend there 02-04 NOV – a slice of heaven is all i can say!!! Absolutely stunning and cant wait to go back!!

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